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Things you should know about Ward's


Prime Rib is Ward’s signature dish at Ward’s House of Prime. Preparation of each prime rib roast starts with a proprietary blend of spices and a lot of love. After curing for two days the roasts are cooked low and slow until they’re ready to be sliced and served…perfection!


The large cut challenge started on a whim when Brian’s friend, Dane Kasper, asked him if he’d name a 40 oz cut of prime rib after him if he finished it. The Prime Rib Wall of Fame was born! Since then, diners from around the world have conquered cuts 40 ounces and larger to earn their spot on the Wall. Are you up for the challenge?


Ward’s prime rib, steaks and specialty entrées includes a choice of soup or salad and potato. And, you’ll want to try our caramelized Brussels sprouts and lobster bisque. They are a Ward’s favorite and not to be missed.


The current Prime Rib Wall of Fame Champion is Molly Schuyler who ate 22.5 pounds (360 ounces) of Ward’s prime rib in about 95 minutes on June 26, 2017. (Molly sizes up at 5’7” and weighs only 125 pounds.) She said, “This was the tastiest meat challenge I’ve ever had.” Read more


Ward’s is a great place to close a deal or impress a client. If you need privacy, you can choose from three exclusive dining rooms. Our Rite Hite room, which holds 6-12, closes off from the dining room, even has a 42 inch HD TV. Read more


Wet your whistle! Ward’s has an extensive whiskey list featuring Macallan, Belvenie, Highland Park, Jefferson’s, Green and Yellow Spot, Orphan Barrel, Whistle Pig, and much more. If wine is your preference, Ward’s earned the prestigious Wine Spectator, “Restaurant Wine List Award” for three years running. Cheers.


Ward’s is internationally known. Famous Japanese eater and food show host, Sachiyo Masubuchi flew all the way to Milwaukee to eat 184 ounces of Ward’s prime rib. She held the record until 10 days later, when Molly Schuyler beat it when she ate 360 ounces of prime rib.


Ward’s opened for lunch because of Brian Ward’s love of a Corned Beef sandwich. Story goes like this: Brian has a favorite Reuben at a different restaurant. That recipe changed when their chef left. Brian hunts down the chef. Hires chef to teach Ward’s how to make it. Voila. Open for lunch business for you to enjoy.


If you go to Summerfest, Bastille Days, Irish Fest or Indian Summer, chances are good you’ll see Brian Ward and Uncle Tom preparing the food.


Ward’s desserts run in the family. Brian’s mother’s offered up her recipe for The Banana Cake and the chocolate cake is Chef’s Bill’s mother’s recipe. At Ward’s, every day is Mother’s Day.